What fits you?

Through coaching we explore new ways of thinking. We can all find our own nature and grow along it.

This is the basic coaching packages I offer, but of course we will setup something that suits you! Just write me your thoughts and wishes.

Individual Coahing

Do you feel longing for something more? You want to deeply connect with yourself, have a vision for your life and be excited about what you are doing. 

Benefits of coaching:

  • Improved life balance.
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence.
  • Knowledge of what stops you from reaching your goals and creating a successful strategy for achieving them.
  • Being comfortable with being honest and expressing yourself.
  • Improved relationship to yourself and others.

Outdoor Coaching

Being in nature contributes to grounding, feeling spacious and free.

During these sessions, we go together on an explorative journey through the forests and mountains, where we find answers to your questions. I teach you how to use nature as your guide in life. We use the surroundings as a source of clarity and inspiration.

Leadership Coaching

This coaching form offers two focus areas: personal and professional. Together we work through your inner obstacles to create new ways of seeing things and acting to get different results than before. Here we also create a strategy to achieve organisational results.

In this program you grow as an authentic leader who is honest, open-hearted, clear and efficient.