Natalya Tarasova

Natalya Tarasova

Personal & Professional Growth Through Coaching

Embody your
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Individual & Leadership Coaching

Through coaching we explore new ways of thinking. We all can find our true nature and realise inner potential – through reflection and efficient actions.

Individual Coaching

In a face of a new challenge, we need new ways of thinking and acting. Coaching will provide you with a clear vision and concrete steps to get there.

Outdoor Coaching

Nature has a healing and meditative effect. By being outdoors, we make use of the power of nature to deepen insights, connect with ourselves and realise our higher vision.

Leadership Coaching

This program is for the ones who have a leadership position and team responsibility. This is a chance for you to get precious time to reflect, zoom out and get clarity.


Natalya is an amazing coach which works super effectively in many contexts and also in difficult situations. Not only for myself but for many people at my fast-growing company to help them grow. What makes Natalya unique? For me, it is the combination of her vast professional experience - from IT, to Data, to Product, to Change Management, to Executive Stakeholder Management - combing with an amazing approach to coaching. What makes this so great is that she not only has generic coaching methods but can combine them with examples and the growth phases of her career in consulting. This makes it super effective for the coachee to learn from her and transport this into the context and situation of the coachee. She does this with amazing listening skills and a true focus on the human side in a too-often serious business world. This fits perfectly with my understanding of a modern and progressive company that understands that humans are the most precious value a company can have. 🌈 I recommend Natalya to everyone who wants a human coach who combines work experience, personal growth, and real interest in her coachee. 🤩 Happy we had the chance to work together, and I am looking forward to continuing this for a long time 💚 Thank you Natalya for your support🌈

Maximilian Co-founder at Mindfuel

Natalya has been coaching me for more than a year. She is always a good listener and she is asking the right questions. It has always been good to have someone outside the organisation to talk to regarding life and leadership. Can very much recommend Natalya's coaching👍

Philip Co-founder Stjärnsäljarpodden

Natalya really knows how to listen and at the same time knows how to guide my thoughts, so that I could start to distinguish between my values, adapted values and "false"values. I learned a lot during our sessions and she makes time to listen and coach you well. I enjoyed our sessions alot even though it was hard work pushing my own beliefs. Thanks a lot Natalya for enabling me to see a bit further on my path and even encouraging me after the coaching has officially ended.

Markus Obermaier Senior Manager Software Development Senior Manager Software Development

Natalya is a very good and competent coach who has a Tailor made approach to the individual situation and needs of her Clients. She has great methods to help answer some questions and find the right path to follow to achieve the desired goals. She was a precious help to identify which values and principles are important to me in my working environment and then which Employers/Firms are compatible with them. Throughout the sessions, I could also find out which kind of Role would suit me within a company and how I want to evolve within the chosen Path. Thanks to our work I could also find the strength to stand up for myself, the courage to speak up and express my thoughts and the resilience to tackle the changes I decided to make.

Dorothée L. Troyanov First degree connection IT Security Consultant

I just wanted to take a minute to thank my wonderful coach Natalya Tarasova. It surprises me every week, again and again, how empowering and effective coaching feels for me. I get so much energy and drive from this one hour session – indescribable. 🚀 If you want to make serious progress in your personal or professional life, get a coach! 🚀 If you feel stuck, in need of inspiration, or looking for creative solutions, get a coach!

Patrick Kaufmann Head of Technology

My wonderful mentor! She is brilliant in the way she supports your personal development by asking good questions rather than providing answers to bring out what lies within you. I can highly recommend her mentorship!

Jael Keller Projet Manager

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I help individuals, teams and organisations to find a more sustainable, fun and efficient way of living and working. I support you in the process by asking powerful questions, bringing new perspectives creating awareness.

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