Learn 7 steps to gain clarity, overcome self-sabotaging and move towards the life you want to live

Learn how to free yourself from old patterns and unwanted results

Tired of following a norm? If you want to have more freedom, creativity and joy in your life, this is a course for you. It has positively changed my life and lives of my clients. 

Authentic Self will help you to strengthen your self-trust and awareness to create a change you have been thinking about, but not committing to. 

I guide you weekly through videos and coaching worksheets to help you clarify what you really want to change. Together we define what needs to be different in your life, and we define the path towards it. You will learn how to live as your authentic self.

What will you learn each week?

Week 1: Finding stable ground

We will start building a strong foundation for yourself where you in the first place attend to your needs.You will learn about the Root chakra, understand imbalances and learn how to bring stability to your life.

Week 2: Releasing Old Patterns

In week 2, we will dive deeper into the patterns that hold you back through likes and dislikes. Maybe you self-sabotage through procrastination or find other excuses. This theme is connected to the Sacral chakra and helps you to free yourself from the old by using the power of unconscious.

Week 3: Shine Your Lights

Week 3 is about regaining your power by learning how to set boundaries and own your "YES" and "NO". You will learn about the Naval chakra and how imbalances impact your will and self-esteem. 

Week 4: Open Your Heart

In week 4, we will discover the power of our emotions and how they can be used in a productive way instead of getting stuck in anger, victimhood, sadness or whatever you are used to experience. This theme is connected to the Heart chakra.

Week 5: Speaking Your Truth

In this week we will learn how to become efficient communicators to create the reality we want. You will be introduced to a powerful yogic techniques where we use mantra to strengthen your authentic voice

Week 6: Invite Intuition

You will learn about the science behind our intuition and how to use it for an efficient decision making. Your intuition is your secret super power that we will discover in depth in this week's material.

Week 7: Your Vision and Mission

In the final week you will learn about your purpose and how you can come back to it in times of doubts. In this week you will get more clarity on which path you want to walk and how.

What other clients say

"I highly recommend this course to anyone that seeks to become a better leader to others, as well as for oneself. My take-away is a set of tools and a way forward for continuous learning and exploration of self-leadership to lead with more integrity and authenticity"
Eva Elling
IT & Management Consultant
"I recently completed Authentic Self program. It was a mix of theory, practical exercises, and some homework, based on the chakra system, working our way up a level each week, from the base to the higher cognitive levels to be able to guide people on all levels from all walks of life. The course will help you discover things about yourself, you may not have known, and it will help you bring out the best in you. This course is really about you finding your highest potential so that you can be the best leader or guide in your own field.
Samira Schmidtli
Entrepreneur & Yoga Teacher

When you order Authentic Self Online Course today, here's what you get:

Does any of these sound familiar?

You haven't reached your desired goal and get stuck in analysis-paralysis or waiting for a magic moment

In this course you will learn how to get unstuck by combining your analytical power with your heart and intuition.

The old ways of doing are not working for you anymore

Gain a better understanding of the patterns that govern your life and how you can release them with help of chakras and modern techniques.

You feel unfulfilled, stressed and out of balance

With powerful yogic techniques, meditations and mindfulness techniques, you will get a chance to balance yourself and find calmness that reveals your true answers.

You experience victimhood, feel unseen and not appreciated

You will learn how notice and meet your needs breaking free from the dependence on others.

You dream about more freedom and joy

Yes, this is why we are here. Throughout the course you will learn where you hold yourself back and how you could tap into your inner power.

You hold yourself back by making others your main priority

You will learn how to set strong boundaries and start saying "yes" and "no" when you mean it.

You struggle expressing your true voice

You will learn storytelling techniques and how to unblock your throat chakra to let your true voice to come forward.

You doubt yourself

You will learn how to trust yourself by aligning your mind, heart and soul.

You lack a direction in life

In this course we will work out your purpose and mission in life that can always give you direction.

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

Ready to tap into your potential?

In this course you will gain a better understanding of the patterns that govern your life and how you can release them with help of ancient yoga techniques and positive psychology. You will increase awareness and create more balance in your life. Through the course you learn how to navigate in your mental, spiritual and emotional fields.

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