Thoughts from October.

The autumn takes all stronger hold of the nature. The mornings has become foggy, the shades are getting darker, the underground is getting wetter and the dump mushroomy smell is a more common experience this time of the year. The colours are sharper and the silence is longer. The change is inevitable and unturnable for this year. The alignment of the forest forces are unified and focused on getting ready for the next step. Under the weakening power of the sun the nature is guided towards winter. There will be a new story of life and vibrance next year, but for now, there is only one way forward – the way of calmness and stillness. 

The behaviours and trends I see in the working places are almost the opposite. The stress is gaining more speed before the Christmas holidays. The deadlines are getting tighter and the urgency to achieve this year’s goals is raising. Working life can be compared sometimes to the effect of the snowball: if you let yourself continue without giving yourself time for contemplation and break, you gain higher momentum. However, this momentum do not necessarily mean higher efficiency, usually they are the opposites. Efficiency is really about making impact in the areas and questions that are most important and relevant to you. 

The importance is dictated by the core values. You need to pause to make a decision aligned with your own truth. Working in an organisation, having a friendship or dedicating to the activities that force you to deviate from your inner truth, in the long run, will wear your out. Look for a change, choose a place and context, where you can be aligned with your core values. There is a space for compromises, but not with your deeply rooted truth.

The walks in the nature help to become grounded and prepare myself mentally for a time of contemplation and re-evaluation. I ask myself some simple questions and try to find appealing answers . This year I have asked myself these questions below, that I hope will help you to enter the next year with lighter, but more self-confident steps too.

  1. What did this year mean for me?  
  2. What was the boldest action I made?
  3. What would l like to have more/less of next year?
  4. Who were the most important people in my life this year?
  5. What dream did I realise this year?
  6. What dream do I want to realise next year?
  7. What actions will I take towards this dream?
  8. What would make me a better version of myself next year?
  9. What do I want to leave behind in the past?
  10. What will be the theme for next year?