The peaceful atmosphere of this early summer evening spread over the valley. Every part of the surroundings was breathing life. Trees were richly covered with the green leaves, the ground could barely be seen under the lush vegetation of grass, bushes, and flowers. In the distance, wild goats were eating plants. All the nature around us turned into a colorful symphony of harmony.

The blue sky started slowly shifting to yellow, orange, purple and almost red at the horizon. It seemed like the sky crashed with the mountains and exploded in slow motion. After a while, a shiny new moon appeared high above the horizon. The light was so strong that one could think that someone cut out a hole in the sky and was shining a flashlight.

I watched this play from 15 meters above the ground, holding the small cavities of the mountain with my hands and balancing on an almost non-existing ledge with my feet. My friend was belaying me with a rope from below. I looked down at the ground and suddenly the adrenaline rushed through my blood, my hands got an even tighter grip of the cliff. I started breathing rapidly and losing focus. I took a deep breath and slightly closed my eyes, leaned forward and felt the comforting warmth of the limestone that has faced the sun all day. A pleasant and calming feeling spread in my body lightening up the tension. I felt trust and appreciation. Now I was ready for a leap of faith. I took another deep breath and stretched my hand for the next grip.

It is easy to get caught up in the moment, lose the ground under your feet and forget all the wonderful things and people around you. If you let the time go, it becomes harder to find the state of equilibrium. Take a break, take a deep breath, take a walk in nature. We let some happenings or people shake our world and bring it into unbalance. We fail, we get tired and exhausted. In the worst moments, we lose trust in ourselves. Ask yourself what makes you feel calm and balanced. When do you feel trust? What is your stable ground? Who cares about you and makes you feel enough? Be compassionate, kind and brave in your relationship to yourself and others.