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Individual & Leadership Coaching

Through coaching we explore new ways of thinking. We all can find our true nature and realise inner potential – through reflection and efficient actions.

Individual Coaching

In a face of a new challenge, we need new ways of thinking and acting. Coaching will provide you with a clear vision and concrete steps to get there.

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Outdoor Coaching

Nature has a healing and meditative effect. By being outdoors, we make use of the power of nature to deepen insights, connect with ourselves and realise our higher vision.

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Leadership Coaching

This program is for the ones who have a leadership position and team responsibility. This is a chance for you to get precious time to reflect, zoom out and get clarity.

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I just wanted to take a minute to thank my wonderful coach Natalya Tarasova. It surprises me every week, again and again, how empowering and effective coaching feels for me. I get so much energy and drive from this one hour session – indescribable.

🚀 If you want to make serious progress in your personal or professional life, get a coach!

🚀 If you feel stuck, in need of inspiration, or looking for creative solutions, get a coach!

Patrick Kaufmann, Head of Technology


My wonderful mentor! She is brilliant in the way she supports your personal development by asking good questions rather than providing answers to bring out what lies within you. I can highly recommend her mentorship!

Jael Keller, Projet Manager

We find answers together

I help individuals, teams and organisations to find a more sustainable, fun and efficient way of living and working. I support you in the process by asking powerful questions, bringing new perspectives creating awareness.

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Power of Forest – Getting ready for the next year

Thoughts from October. The autumn takes all stronger hold of the nature. The mornings has become foggy, the shades are getting darker, the underground is getting wetter and the dump mushroomy smell is a more common experience this time of the year. The colours are sharper and the silence is longer. The change is inevitable…

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