Let yourself be a part of the life you are living

How to choose your perfect line in your life? A couple of weeks ago when I attended a mountain bike course, the course leader said: “In order to succeed, you need to choose your line where to ride and dedicate yourself to it”. And I thought: “This is indeed just like in everyday life. You need to choose where you are going and follow the chosen path.”

However, even if the idea sounds straightforward, it seems to be harder to live it in practice. On that biking day my glance wandered off to the place where I didn’t want to end up. The fear of falling was occupying my thoughts and gaining more and more power. My whole body was guided by the eyes to the abyss. I was led by what I didn’t want instead of what I want. I started feeling in my body how the wrong turn in that sharp curve would feel. I knew already what exactly would go wrong despite having all the needed skills and training. The choice of the line was in fact dictated by the fear and not my will.

To find your path, think of your values: what is important for you? If you focus only on yourself for a short moment, what would you do with your life? What are you longing for? What talents and inner resources are you not using today? What are you satisfied with and what do you want to change? Have you already convinced yourself of another choice beforehand because it will satisfy your economical needs or simplify relationships, help you to avoid debates and discussions? There is only one voice in the initial phase and that is your own. Create space in your life, empty the calendar and embrace the answers that will come to you. Let yourself be a part of the life you are living. Give yourself a chance to choose your own way.