Power of Forest – Getting ready for the next year

Thoughts from October. The autumn takes all stronger hold of the nature. The mornings has become foggy, the shades are getting darker, the underground is getting wetter and the dump mushroomy smell is a more common experience this time of the year. The colours are sharper and the silence is longer. The change is inevitable […]

Follow the wind – focus on what moves you forward

It is early morning at a seashore. The wind starts slowly rising and the first windsurfers start sailing the glittery surface of the water. Some of them struggle to find the balance and others just follow the wind. It fills up the sails and joyfully brings the boards forward. The success factor seems to be […]

Inspired by Climbing

The peaceful atmosphere of this early summer evening spread over the valley. Every part of the surroundings was breathing life. Trees were richly covered with the green leaves, the ground could barely be seen under the lush vegetation of grass, bushes, and flowers. In the distance, wild goats were eating plants. All the nature around […]

Choosing Your Line

Let yourself be a part of the life you are living How to choose your perfect line in your life? A couple of weeks ago when I attended a mountain bike course, the course leader said: “In order to succeed, you need to choose your line where to ride and dedicate yourself to it”. And […]

Importance of returning to the present moment

In a strive to be the best version of myself, I ended up being the direct opposite. I felt irritated, tired, slow and dissatisfied with the state of life when I entered my apartment in Zurich after my business trip. Why did my intentions turn out way off? After 4 hours ride by bus from […]

How to achieve a fearless mind?

This feeling when you just freeze. Your whole body is stiff and unwilling to do whatever you have decided to start or proceed with; you stare at one point; you are blocked by inner fear. For me it could be a steep slope. I lean forward, I get prepared to point my skies down, I […]


It doesn’t matter how you challenge yourself. The knowledge and experience will be transferred to the other parts of your life. This is my third year skiing. I love outdoors and this was yet another way for me to explore the beautiful surroundings. I have seen some remote and magnificent places by skies. Last season […]